Keeping You Connected to Your Home’s Progress

Using BuilderTrend, a construction management software, McSwain Builders keeps complex projects on track and our clients informed on everything happening with their new home build or remodel.

No More Guessing

You don’t have to risk your new home build or remodel project unknowingly going wrong anymore. Savvy construction firms like McSwain Builders take advantage of technologies that make sure work is done right, on time, and that you are always in the know.

How It Works for You

Get access to your private online portal, where we’ll share schedules, daily progress updates, photos, documents, and anything else required to keep you in the loop and confident your project is on track. Our entire team uses BuilderTrend to note everything about your project, all available to you in your client portal as well as daily email alerts:

Support at Every

From initial contract to preconstruction and through to project completion, you’ll have access to everything you need to be sure your home build or remodel is going to be completed as planned.

Real-time Communication

Through Daily Logs and Messaging, our team keeps you posted precisely where your project stands. You can log in anytime to see project updates, new photos, timelines, and all other essential information that keeps you connected to the progress of your home build/remodel.

Manage Your Investment

From everything to budgeting, billing, and payments, it’s easier than ever to manage your budget and see exactly how your investment is being spent.

You can review and audit detailed invoices and make payments right in BuilderTrend.

Trust and Transparency 

We work differently. Instead of flying blind and relying on the hope that a project is on track and on budget, with McSwain Builders and BuilderTrend, you’ll have 24/7 access to every last detail, updated daily, and a direct line to the project team.

How it Helps Us

Client communication is one of the keys to our success – it establishes and maintains trust – and is why so many people recommend McSwain Builders after working with us. Using BuilderTrend, we can communicate everything we need to a client to keep the project on time and within budget. 

Here are examples of how BuilderTrend helps make that happen:

  • Schedule: Build precise timelines to keep projects moving forward.
  • To-Do’s: Create and assign tasks to your team and subs.
  • Daily Logs: Keep tabs on job progress with a record of daily work.
  • Time Clock: Manage time tracking and payroll reports with ease.
  • Estimates: Predict costs, quantities, and labor hours before work begins.
  • Change Orders: Generate, manage, approve, and invoice changes to scope.
  • Purchase Orders: Track approvals, statuses, and invoices of Bills and POs.

From juggling a fast-paced and detailed project schedule to paying subcontractors and suppliers on time (and everything in between), our investment in technology changes how clients think about general contractors – bringing trust back into the process. 

Trusted by your neighbors

Completed the remodel on my home and I am extremely happy with how everything turned out. The remodel was extensive and included all bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and everything in between.

August 2023

"The McSwain Builders team managed and performed the project with total professional effectiveness. We feel lucky to have them in our corner in making the home of
our dreams."

April 2023

"Delightful informative attentive contractor. Listened to ideas and gave input to help stay within our budget and still get the perfect project design. The one to hire if you wish your project done correctly!"

February 2023

"McSwain Builders did a wonderful job with a kitchen and bath remodel on our house in Glenwood Springs. Very detail oriented, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend their work."

November 2022

Our latest satisfied client

Julie O’Brien Design Group, based in Carmel, Indiana, recently had the pleasure of collaborating with McSwain Builders on an upscale renovation project in Aspen, Colorado. The clients, residing in Pennsylvania, placed their trust in the collaboration, turning to Julie O’Brien Design Group for the vision and McSwain Builders for its expert execution.

Shea, our project manager, stands out as a highly skilled professional in a traditionally male-dominated field, contributing outstanding expertise and unwavering dedication to our collaborative efforts. Despite the geographical distance and the challenges of coordinating with a design team in a different state, Shea demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and commitment. She meticulously reviewed all the architectural drawings and specifications provided by Julie O’Brien Design Group, ensuring that every detail of the design was executed with precision.

Communication with McSwain Builders was seamless, thanks to Shea's dedication. Despite being miles apart, we felt like a cohesive team working towards a common goal. Shea's attention to detail and commitment to excellent craftsmanship were evident throughout the project. The end results exceeded Julie O’Brien Design Group’s and the client’s expectations. The clients were thrilled with the transformation of their Aspen home.

McSwain Builders not only met but exceeded expectations, turning what could have been a complex long-distance collaboration into a smooth and successful project. We highly recommend McSwain Builders for their professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding craftsmanship.

Thank you, McSwain Builders and Shea Sweeney, for making this renovation project a truly exceptional experience. We can’t wait to work with Shea and McSwain Builders again!

Joel Contreras