McSwain Builders Resume

Building a custom home, or even remodeling or renovation is a major investment, there are many factors to consider. The home you choose will be the place where you spend most of your time. You want it to be safe for you and your family, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

McSwain Builders has been building high-quality, custom homes in Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley for many years. We have experience with all aspects of custom home building, renovating and remodeling. From designing your dream home to installing granite countertops or luxury hardwood floors, McSwain Builders is the most experienced custom home renovation, remodeling, and building contractor in Glenwood Springs that can provide you with the best service and product possible.

With over 20 years of experience as a custom homes contractor in Glenwood Springs, as well as a local remodeling and renovation expert, we’ve developed an extensive resume of renovations, remodels, and custom homes in Glenwood Springs and around the Roaring Fork Valley that speaks for itself.

Silverstein Residence, Old Snowwass 3500 sf Remodel
Lowe Residence, Basalt 1650 sf Remodel
Kerton Residence, Carbondale 1250 sf Remodel
Anderson/Jankovski Residence, Glenwood Springs Kitchen & Bath Remodel
Burns Residence, Snowmass Village 1350 sf Remodel
Layden Residence, Snowmass Village 1650 sg Remodel
Keenan Residences, Aspen 2 - 325 sf condos
Bruce Residence, Carbondale 1750 sf Remodel & Addition
Rehberger & Wells Residence, Carbondale 5750 sf Custom Home
Whiteland Residence, Old Snowmass 3500 sf Remodel & Addition
Wisley Residence, Glenwood Springs 5100 sf Remodel
Deveny Residence, Carbondale Hardscaping, front porch & decks
Klebes Residence, Snowmass Village 1100 sf Remodel
Tietz Residence, Redstone 3500 Interior Remodel/Kitchen
Estrin Residence, Old Snowmass 3500 Remodel and 625 sf
Gaw Residence, Carbondale1,500 sf Remodel
Pavlovich Residences, Snowmass2 – 650 sf condos
Foxley Residence, Old Snowmass3,500 sf Remodel
Stranger Residence, Old Snowmass2,500 sf Remodel
Neumann Residence, Basalt3,700 sf Remodel
Hawthorne Residences, Aspen2 – 325 sf condos
Christensen Residences, Aspen4 – 325 sf condos
Moschet Residence, Carbondale2,200 sf Remodel
Mills Residence, Glenwood Springs625 sf Garage/ADU
Looney Residence, Basalt1,500 sf Remodel
Shannan Residence, BasaltKitchen Remodel
Simon Residence, Snowmass VillageKitchen Remodel
Reynolds Residence, Glenwood Springs750 sf Basement Remodel
Wisley Residence, Carbondale3,500 sf Exterior Remodel
Azouz Residence, Aspen400 sf Addition
Lee & Chung Residence, Snowmass Village1,600 sf Remodel
Hoshino Residence, Aspen5,500 sf Remodel
Cole & Corona Residence, Basalt2,500 sf Remodel
Demeulenaere Residence, Basalt300 sf Addition & Remodel
Wright Residence, Snowmass Village4,200 sf Custom Home
Holland Residence, Basalt3,000 sf Remodel
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), Carbondale800 sf ADU
Simon Residence, Snowmass Village1,500 sf Remodel
Heart Rock Residence, Old Snowmass3,500 sf Custom Home
Lord Residence, Aspen4,500 SF Remodel
Berman Residence, Aspen
*Featured in LUXE magazine
4,500 sf Custom Home
Loring Residence Aspen
*Featured in LUXE magazine
9,500 sf Custom Home
Carr Residence, Aspen6,000 sf Custom Home
Cathers Residence, Woody Creek5,000 sf Custom Home
Plummer Residence, Aspen10,000 sf Custom Home
MTA Caretaker Unit, Pitkin County2,500 sf Custom Home
MTA Stable, Pitkin County3,500 sf Custom Stable
Residence, Carbondale2,200 sf Custom Home
Lauder Remodel, Aspen1,500 sf Remodel
Shapiro Remodel, Snowmass2,500 sf Remodel
604 Perry Ridge, Carbondale4,500 sf Custom Home
602 Perry Ridge, Carbondale4,700 sf Custom Home
Lord Residence, Aspen10,000 sf Custom Home
Dean Residence, Aspen4,000 sf Custom Home
Edgerly Residence, Old Snowmass4,000 sf Custom Home

Note: The jobs listed represent recent jobs by McSwain Construction LLC and TMC Builders Inc. These two companies, owned by Frank and Ty McSwain, use McSwain Builders for marketing and branding purposes which is a legal “DBA” registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.