The Roaring Fork Valley Construction Market

McSwain Builders has been actively building in the Roaring Fork Valley (and other markets) since 1996. Since then, we have experienced many ups and downs in our business and our industry. These experiences have shaped who we are today. 

We are a lean, mean custom builder and remodeling contractor focused on manifesting our clients’ dreams. McSwain Builders is proud of what we have created, and the glowing reviews from past clients say we’re doing something great.

Given the strength of the local market and the number of exciting projects presented to McSwain Builders, we are in the unique and fortunate position of being able to choose our clients. This means we will not bid on each and every project presented to McSwain Builders. We choose the projects and the customers who we believe will be easy to work with, those who appreciate what McSwain Builders uniquely offers, clients who can make timely decisions, and those who have a realistic budget.    

Demand has never been higher for quality builders in the Roaring Fork Valley. Demand has also never been higher for skilled tradesmen and subcontractors. Material costs for lumber, millwork, fasteners, concrete, sheetrock, doors/windows, electric wire, lighting controls, plumbing supplies and fixtures, and HVAC systems/supplies increase in price every year without fail. The positive side of this reality is that, in most cases, the supplies, tools, materials, and equipment used on McSwain Builders projects are all of exceptional quality and dependability. The downside is prices continue to increase.

The high demand for good builders/construction workers and the low supply of good builders/construction workers result in higher labor prices than most other markets. Also, the local weather (and the extreme fluctuations in temperature), a part of everyday life here in the RFV, translates into unique construction materials and methods and challenging local building regulations that drive up local construction costs.

This means it will cost more to build your house, renovate a house, build a new addition, and remodel a kitchen here in the Roaring Fork Valley than almost any other market in the US. The high cost of construction (and the high cost of everyday life) is simply the reality of living in the Roaring Fork Valley.

People don’t live here because it’s affordable. People live here because the quality of life is off the charts, and most “locals” make countless sacrifices that enable us to live in the amazing Valley while still putting food on the table for our families.