Company Guidelines and Expectations

Familiarize yourself with our website, especially Why Choose Us, Guidelines and our Work Resume.

Character and Professionalism

  • Safety and risk mitigation govern all decisions
  • Assuming “it” is safe and reasonably low risk, you are charged to make good decisions based on an intelligent balance of Quality, Speed and Price.
  • We are honest people, and we run an honest business.
  • We live by the Golden Rule: we treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We give and receive good news with humility and grace.
  • We give and receive challenging news with empathy and understanding.
  • We are solution oriented.
  • We lead by example.
  • We don’t lose our cool. We walk away, regroup, and ask for help if needed. We always strive to rise above the fray. Pause before speaking when needed.
  • We provide consistent, positive feedback to our fellow team members.
  • If we offer constructive criticism or negative feedback, we have one on one conversations. No emails or group flogging. Praise in public, criticize in private.
  • We are always in control of our subs and our projects. We don’t let the tail wag the dog. 
  • We use our collective experience to help assure we are spending our client’s money wisely, and we are not being taken advantage of by subs or suppliers.
  • We represent McSwain Builders in a professional manner when we are wearing McSwain Builders gear, when we are driving a McSwain company vehicle, and when we are interacting with the community
  • Find ways to say yes if at all possible.
  • If at all possible, don’t work on Sundays, and don’t contact me on Sundays unless it’s an emergency. 


Project Manager Expectations 


  1. Safety
  2. Client communication
  3. M.C. Communication
  4. Project Progress
  • If you have plans or drawings for your project, build per plan.
  • Assure subs are performing work at a high-quality level.
  • Move jobs forward and make progress every day.
  • Help clients make intelligent decisions when necessary.
  • Proactively address problems before they happen.
  • Protect materials, supplies, and, equipment – garden tubs, cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring, doors, sheetrock corners
  • Represent McSwain Builders in a professional manner on all job sites, when interacting with subs, suppliers, architects, designers, engineers, inspectors, and clients
  • Ask for help when you are stuck or jammed up
  • Stay positive and solution-oriented
  • No alcohol or drugs on our job sites, ever
  • Visit your job sites at least once daily using Buildertrend to document your visit with photos, notes, and Daily Logs. Assign tasks to subs, suppliers, clients, Office Manager, etc. as needed.
  • Keep your job sites clean, organized, and safe:
    • Combination lock with key to door(s)
    • Permit box with plans
    • Post plans on walls inside the home to make it easy for subs to find info  
    • Binder inside with hard copies of specs and important info for subs (appliance specs, plumbing fixtures specs, doors, and window specs, tile order)
    • Essential supplies/equipment on site – First aid, fire extinguisher, trash bags, garbage cans (1 per floor/work area), trash bags, extension cords, utility lights, ladder, broom, dustpan, shop vac, snow shovel, de-icer, tarps/plastic/drop cloths, ram board, blue tape, duct tape
    • Temp protective railing should be installed as needed, especially if there is a drop of more than 3 feet
  • Use Buildertrend as your primary tool for storing/saving and sharing information:
    • Schedule updated weekly and linked to subs/suppliers as appropriate
    • Plans
    • Permit info
    • Specs and selections
    • Pricing from subs
    • Communications with clients about changes, money/change orders, etc.
    • Photograph and video (a crystal clear record) of the inside of walls, ceilings, and floor systems before insulation and sheetrock are installed. Photos/videos should be appropriately labeled and uploaded to BT. Same rule applies for substructure and exterior elements including photographing rebar within footings and rebar within forms for concrete walls, sewer and water supply lines, natural gas and propane lines, and electric/cable/telephone/fiber-optic lines.
  • Keep your vehicle clean inside and out. McSwain Builders will pay for your company vehicle to be cleaned weekly.
  • Documentation is one of the keys to success for a Project Manager:
    • If there is a change in scope or price or anything of substance and you have worked through this change directly with a client, it has to be documented in writing and shared with the office/Adrienne – using BT, text, email, etc. 
    • PMs are responsible for coding invoices and receipts for your jobs and providing this info to the Office Manager
  • Attend weekly project meetings (in person):
    • Every Tuesday at 11 am
    • 5 minutes max on each project
    • What did you accomplish this past week
    • What is planned for next week
    • Are any obstacles or roadblocks on the horizon requiring support from me, Frank Sr, or Adrienne.

Other important information when working at McSwain Builders:


  • We don’t fail inspections. This means you and your subs (framer, electrician, HVAC/Mechanical sub, plumber) have walked the job together to make sure the project is 100% ready for the inspector before he/she shows up.
  • PMs should make every reasonable effort to be on-site waiting for an inspector to arrive.
  • Job sites should be clean and organized (and safe!) when an inspector arrives.
  • Any inspection result (pass or fail) needs to be photographed and uploaded into the project folder within BT.

Subs & Suppliers 

  • No new sub or suppliers. New means someone I/Frank do not know and do not have a relationship with, is to work on any McSwain Builders job with my knowledge and consent/support.

Our attention to detail is paramount to delivering high-quality work to our clients. As you can see above, we’ve taken a lot of care in preparing our staff with all the information they need to be successful. If you’re ready for a new challenge in life and have the skill and experience, we encourage you to apply. Click the button below to send your details to our company.